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Virtual reality is the buzzword in the gaming sector. It can already be seen that VR technology will change everything. What can we expect and why has it taken so far? It’s time to answer unanswered questions and shed light on the past of online slot machines in addition to the future .

A little history of slot machines
The first slot machine that was operated with money dates from 1889. It was called “Black Cat”. The invention called Liberty Bell by Charles August Fey became more famous. The Swabian mechanical engineer emigrated to California, where he created his masterpiece. Unfortunately, he forgot to patent his invention. As a result, his creation became the common property of the gambling industry. Both inventions represented the principle of the one-armed bandit. The term is based on the view that gaming machines are cheaters who pull the money out of their victims’ pocket with just one arm (the lever). As you can see, the machine was socially controversial. In fact, the game on such machines was strictly forbidden in the German Empire.

With the advent of computer technology in everyday life, slot machines also became more modern. Sure, there was still a long way to go to modern online roulette, but the route had been taken. Slot games such as “Donkey Kong” or “Space Invaders” attracted crowds in front of the machines. The rush grew even more when the mix with popular films took place. Only the sky knows how many people took a seat in the X-Wing fighter at the Star Wars machine to destroy the Death Star. Anyway, Luke Skywalker would have been very proud of his successors.

When the computers became smaller and cheaper, it didn’t take long for Donkey Kong and Co. to move into the living room. It started with the popular Atari game console and continued through the Commodore 64. At the end of the development there were modern game consoles like X-Box and Sony Playstation as well as the possibility to visit virtual casinos via the Internet. The latter differed from the consoles by the chance to win money while playing. If there had ever been money to destroy the Death Star, the snakes in front of the arcades would probably have been seen from space.

How do VR casino games work?
The term “virtual reality” can be interpreted in two ways. On the one hand there are games like the new online roulette from Microgaming. It impresses with its photorealistic representation, which even includes how the ball moves. Even if you quickly forget that you are looking at a screen, this is exactly the difference to VR (Virtual Reality): It completely hides the environment by wearing special glasses. This also contains the display. As a result, the illusion arises of being right at the scene.

The differences between normal and VR casino games
The special glasses record head movements and convert them into control signals. This allows the player to look around the scenario without the need for a joystick. For example, he can go through a virtual casino. He takes a roulette table out of the corner of his eye. A head movement to the side and he sees him in front of him. He thinks for a moment and then decides to play poker. After turning his eyes around the room, he discovers a poker table. When he approaches the table, he recognizes the people who have taken a seat there. They are two men and one woman.

It would also be possible to walk through a fantasy landscape to search for treasures or to walk through a labyrinth as Pac-Man. Jump ‘n’ run games also soar to new heights – especially in connection with 3D technology, which is standard here.

All of this shows a clear difference from the way we have played computer, console and online games in the past: everything is much more realistic with VR. The downside is that some game ideas have a high stress factor. A perfect representation of the jump from a bridge should really get your pulse racing. A game full of such things sends your nerves on a wild roller coaster ride. Whether this is a pure pleasure or a nightmare depends on the player.
What are the system requirements for VR games?
When you talk to developers, you find that virtual reality is not that new in the gaming sector. In fact, the idea had been in the drawer for a long time. The problem was that the available technology was not available or was far too expensive for the masses. In the meantime, affordable systems have enough computing power to handle this difficult task. However, not every commercially available computer is sufficient. The popular Oculus Rift needs at least 1080 x 1200 pixels per eye. There is also a frame rate of 90 fps. The 450 megapixels required per second are also not a cardboard stick. It is possible, but it will take some time before these services are available at the discounter around the corner. Since VR is the most fun when several people can play, a fast internet connection should be available.

Which VR games are particularly popular?
The traditional casino games like roulette or poker are ideal for virtual reality. Another crowd favorite is Skyworld. Here, several players compete against each other in a fantasy world. The game can be played both in real time and in a round system.

Echo Arena is a kind of space frisbee. Up to five players compete here as a team. Tactics and team play are very important. Those who prefer to go out on the race track will get their money’s worth with Project Cars 2. Around 180 cars and over 60 race tracks are available here – a real recommendation for players with petrol in their blood!

This is just a little insight. The number of VR games grows every day . But not only the gaming industry has discovered the new world for itself. This is how psychologists talk about ways to treat things like fear of heights using VR. The future has started and it’s exciting!

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